When can I expect to see results?

You can expect to see decreased hair shedding in 3-4 weeks and your hair will feel healthier. Expect to see more pronounced results in 2 - 3 months, with thicker, stronger and longer hair.

Will it make my hair greasy or oily?

No, our serum is lightweight and dries off completely by the following morning. You won't need to wash your hair after applying our serum.

Are your plant extracts natural and free from chemicals?

Our serum is 3rd party GC/MS tested for purity. It's 100% natural and vegan. It's also free of: fragrance, parabens, phthlates, benzoates, formaldehyde.

Where is FullyVital serum made?

FullyVital serum is made in California with pure plant extracts sourced from around the world. All extracts undergo rigorous testing for purity before being added to our serum.

The serum includes caffeine, will that affect my sleep?

Our serum contains a very tiny amount of caffeine and will not affect your sleep in any way, but it will help wake up your hair follicles.

If I stop using the serum, will my hair fall out?

Once you have the desired hair growth results, you can start to reduce your usage. For example, you can use it every other day instead of daily to maintain your healthy hair.

Does this serum also work for women over 60?

Yes, FullyVital serum targets aging by promoting collagen synthesis and includes antioxidants for younger scalp skin. That's why it works great for women over 60.

What is FullyVital's return policy?

Your 100% satisfaction is important for us. We offer a 120-day Return & Exchange Policy.If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund or exchange up to 120 days from the date of purchase (minus shipping & handling).

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See Ingredients

See Ingredients

Rated 4.8/5 By 1000+ Happy Customers

Thicker Hair, Happier You

Get your FullyVital serum and never let hair loss steal your confidence again!

I experienced so much hair thinning after I turned 50. This plant based serum has truly transformed my hair. My hair is growing back and I FEEL SO CONFIDENT.

Jennifer B.

Verified Buyer

When I turned 45, I experienced a lot of thinning.  After trying many other products, FullyVital truly transformed my hair. My hair is growing back and I FEEL SO CONFIDENT.

Thicker Hair, Happier You

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1-Month Supply

1-Month Supply

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Life Changing Transformations

I first started seeing hair loss 2 years ago, but lately it became really bad. I felt insecure and wore hats to cover my head. I tried many products and nothing helped until I discovered FullyVital, which made tremendous changes to my hair. I truly LOVE MY HAIR now.

Dorit Schwartz

Verified Purchase

My hair started to thin 2 years ago. My part was getting really wide and I felt embarrassed. After using FullyVital for 3 months, my hair is growing in and my part is getting smaller. It's improved my life because I feel SO CONFIDENT and my hair looks SO YOUTHFUL.

Dani Hamilton

Verified Purchase

After menopause, my hair started thinning. I felt less attractive. Hair loss wreaks havoc on your self-confidence. I tried Nutrafol and got no results. These products really work! The serum give my hair more body and shine. I just LOVE FullyVital.

Angie Reid-Howery

Verified Purchase

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Fragrance Free

Fragrance Free

Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Dairy Free

Egg Free

Egg Free

Sugar Free

Sugar Free

FullyVital Is Featured On Top Rated Podcasts

Frequently Asked Questions

FullyVital Serum Turns Back The Clock On Your Hair.

Regain your vibrance and confidence with revitalized, youthful hair. 


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Today's Offer: Save 40% & Get 2 FREE Gifts

Life Changing Transformations

FullyVital Is Featured On Top Rated Podcasts


Look Ageless and Feel Like Yourself

This hair care routine will start getting you noticed again.

Regain the volume and density you deserve

Fortify your hair from root to tip for lasting vitality

Make hair thinning and bald spots a thing of the past

Rated 4.8/5 by Happy Customers

Dr. Amie Hornaman

Dr. Kyrin Dunston

Nathalie Niddam

Dani Hamilton

“I've been using this serum for 4 months. I’m so excited by my hair growth and thickness.”

Lisa Sawyer verified buyer

“My bald spots are disappearing and my hair feels so full after using this product. YAYYY!!”

Sofia Diaz verified buyer

“My hair feels way thicker and my confidence is coming back. I love FullyVital.”

Meg Beeson verified buyer

“I've tried Nutrafol and Vegamour, but FullyVital made a huge difference to my hair!!”

Nancy Wu verified buyer

“I've been using this hair serum for 3 months and I've had amazing results!!!”

Kendra Afia verified buyer

“I've almost 45 and I use this serum to maintain my hair.”

Jen Feldman verified buyer

“This is my favorite hair serum! I've been a customer for 2 years!!”

Jess Reyes verified buyer

“After my second baby, I had a lot of shedding. This product brought my hair back!”

Pat Golden verified buyer

5,000+ Thicker Hair Success Stories

Let your hair be the story of another remarkable transformation. 

Scientific References

1. Rosemary oil vs minoxidil 2% for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. Skinmed Published 2015 Jan-Feb;13(1):15-21.
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10. Hair and stress: A pilot study of hair and cytokine balance alteration in healthy young women under major exam stress. Published online 2017 Apr 19. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0175904


Third Party Tested

Safe for all hair types

Free Returns

We've shared our science and research on more than 40 podcasts.

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Real Women, Real Results







Real Results From Real Women


Amazing Results From Thousands Of Women Who Tried FullyVital


*Results from a customer survey. July 2023.

Noticed reduced hair shedding in 30 days.

Reported that hair was thicker, fuller in 60 days.

Said they saw new hair regrowth in 90 days.

Doctor Approved For Hair Growth

FullyVital Serum Vs The Rest

Unmatched performance and care for your hair.

Fully Vital

2.5 Months*



Other Hair Serums

Fast Results

4-6 Months

4-6 Months

14 Actives for Hair Growth

3 Actives Against Hormonal Thinning

Suitable For All Hair Types

Size Of Hair Serum



180-Day Money Back Guarantee

FullyVital Serum Vs The Rest

Unmatched performance and care for your hair.


2.5 Months*

55 ml

Fast Results

Works for all hair types

15 Actives For Hair Growth

180-day money back guarantee

4-6 Months

Size of Hair Serum

Science-Backed, 100% Natural Ingredients

Vegan, chemical free formulas with powerful plant actives.

Copper Peptides

This anti-aging peptide rejuvenates the scalp, promoting healthy hair

Copper Peptides

Rejuvenates scalp environment for healthy hair. 


Promotes healthy circulation for thicker, hair and grows longer hair..


Promotes healthy circulation for thicker, fuller hair.7

This peptide is extracted from red clover and clinically proven to boost hair density by 46%.

Powerful active balances hormones & promotes thicker hair.6


Hyaluronic Acid

Hydrates and rejuvenates hair follicles for optimal hair growth.


Prevents hair thinning and increases hair strength and thickness.9

Rosemary Oil

Improves circulation, clinically proven to regrow hair.2

Rosemary Oil

Increases circulation and clinically proven to regrow hair.

Science-backed, 100% Natural Ingredients


Use FullyVital Serum In 3 Easy Steps

1. Fill dropper and apply to thinning areas.

2. Massage into scalp with your fingertips.

3. Leave in overnight, style hair normally.

TIP: Apply daily for best results.

TIP: Apply daily for best results.

What's The Root Cause Of Thinning Hair?

Aging-Related DHT Hormone Overload


Declining Hormones + Stress

Estrogen levels start dropping after age 35.

Hormones + Aging

This results in an hormone imbalance with testosterone.

Thinning Hair Follicles

Hormone-induced shrinkage leads to noticeable hair thinning.

DHT Hormone-Balancing Ingredients


Proven to balance hormones on scalp & regrow hair.4

Balances hormones and increases hair density by 46%.7

Rosemary Oil

Increase circulation and clinically proven to regrow thicker hair.2 

Red Clover Extract

Copper Peptides

Doctor Approved &
Clinically Validated

Effectively addresses every factor contributing to your hair thinning

Stimulates Growth

Harnesses multiple peptides to foster new, stronger, thicker hair strands.2

Enhances Circulation

Infuses your scalp with oxygen and essential nutrients to promote robust hair regrowth.5

Restores Hormonal Balance

Balancing hormones such as DHT to revitalize dormant hair follicles for thickness and vitality.4

Swift Results

Witness noticeable hair growth in under 90 days—YES!

 How Our Clinically Validated Serum Works


Stimulates Growth

Rosemary oil and powerful actives promote stronger, thicker hair strands.

Enhances Circulation

Infuses your scalp with oxygen and essential nutrients to promote robust hair regrowth.

Restores Stress Balance

Balance the effect of stress on the scalp to revitalize follicles for thickness and vitality.

Fast Results

See hair growth results in as few as 90 days.

180-day money back guarantee

180-day money back guarantee

180-day money back guarantee

Rated 4.8/5 By Happy Customers

Science-Backed Serum Tackles 5 Root Causes for Thicker, Fuller Hair In Weeks

Say goodbye to thinning hair and bald spots

15 active ingredients to regrow thicker, fuller hair


As Seen On:

As Seen On:

Science-Backed Serum Tackles 5 Root Causes for Thicker, Fuller Hair In Weeks

FullyVital targets your hair in 4 different ways
to grow thicker, fuller and in just 2.5 months!

100% natural, vegan and non-greasy

15 ingredients regrow thicker hair

Say goodbye to thinning & bald spots

100% natural, vegan & non-greasy

180-day money back guarantee

What's The Root Cause Of Thinning Hair?

Discover the one fix to all your shedding worries

See For Yourself

Hormonal Balance

- Caffeine counteracts the shrinking effects of male hormones*
- Red clover reduces conversion from testosterone to DHT by 40%*

Aging Support

- Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant that reverses damage in scalp cells*
- Adenosine increases ATP energy in scalp cells*

Circulation Support

- Rosemary oil increases blood flow in scalp capillaries*
- Methyl nicotinate boosts circulation to the scalp by 16%*

Scalp Health

- Hyaluronic acid hydrates and refreshes scalp*
- Centella Asiatica calms inflammation and improves collagen synthesis*

Inflammation Balance

- Methyl vanillate turns on WNT-B pathway to activate the growth cycle*
- Copper peptides (GHK-Cu) balance inflammation levels on the scalp*

Targets 5 Root Causes Of Hair Thinning

Our holistic serum addresses the major causes of hair thinning and wakes up dormant hair follicles.