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Top Hair Wellness Expert Reveals A 100% Natural Hormone Balancing Hair Growth System Guaranteed To Regrow Hair In 75 Days Or Your Money Back
How to Regrow Hair Without Hormones, Drugs, or Chemicals
Lisa had a thick head of silky hair most of her life… 

Until her early 40s, when she began noticing more than the usual amount of hair in her hairbrush.

It was the beginning of embarrassing hair loss that lasted almost seven years.

Lisa said, “I was in a high-stress job as a Marketing Director. 

At the same time, I was caring for my mother, who had health issues. 

On top of that, my hormones were out of whack. 

It was the perfect storm that made my hair fall out until I could see my scalp in patches.” 
Although Lisa goes to a professional aesthetician every 6 weeks to color her hair, the imbalanced hormones combined with stress ruined her hair.

She quickly reduced her pretty hairstyle from a thick ponytail or French Braid to shorter styles until there was little left to cut. 

Every morning she saw more of it in the drain. 

What’s more, Lisa lost most of her self-confidence along with her hair. 

She became increasingly embarrassed and agitated when people glanced at her scalp and quickly looked away
Losing Your Hair Means Losing Your Identity
Hair loss is never a good thing. 

We see it mostly in men due to genetics. 

They go to great lengths to cover it with comb-overs, “do-rags.” and berets until they give up and shave everything off, like Bruce Willis. 

Most of us don’t give it a second thought because it’s part of a man’s distinguishing appearance. 
When a woman’s hair falls out it’s a tragedy. 

Its shape, color, length, style, and fullness define a woman. 

Luxurious flowing hair is a woman’s crowning glory. 

Thinning hair happens gradually. At first, you may notice a few extra hairs in your comb or brush. 

Then you see hair in the drain every day and start obsessing over your scalp in the mirror. 

Soon, the thinning becomes noticeable from a distance as your scalp shines through the sparse hair. 

Thinning hair can affect your mental and physical well-being. 

You become preoccupied with new ways to conceal what’s left of your hair under hats, scarves, and wigs.
Hair Loss Affects You Emotionally
When Lisa noticed her hair was thinning badly, she disassociated from her busy social life. 

She attended fewer social functions and started rejecting personal invitations. 

Avoiding eye contact at work, Lisa felt her confidence slipping away. 

That's unacceptable for a woman in a high-level position or any career.

Lisa told us, “I tried to hide my head under scarves and hats. 

Speaking with people was unavoidable, and I couldn’t always hide, but I avoided videos and photos whenever possible

I hated when they glanced at my scalp, but what could I do?”
Signs Of Distress
Coping with hair loss creates additional stress.

Some of the symptoms that women are dealing with hair loss include:

  • Premature aging
  • Speaking more hesitantly
  • Avoiding all social interactions
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Loss of self-worth
  • Become unmotivated
  • Depression
The emotional toll directly affects a woman's health. 

As their hair continues to thin, women suffer an identity crisis and lose their power. 

Their confidence becomes shattered, and they begin to isolate themselves from everyone.

Hair loss is tragic, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. There is a natural way to get your hair back.

We're going to show you how Lisa grew her back in just a moment.
No Need to Feel Embarrassed or Unattractive
It may be a small consolation, but you’re not alone. The American Academy of Dermatology estimates that 40% of women over 40 experience hair loss.
There are three types of hair loss:
  1. Chemicals - This can happen from taking medicines or chemotherapy. 
    The medical term is Anagen effluvium. Essentially, the hair follicle becomes poisoned by the drugs.
  2. Nutritional Deficiencies - Your hair requires certain nutrients for healthy growth. 
    If these nutrients are missing, the hair can start shedding.
  3. Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) - The clinical term is Androgenetic alopecia, and it’s the most common 
    type of hair loss in women. The hair begins thinning on the top and the sides.
Hair Loss Is Most Common In Women Who :
  • Are over 35
  • Just had a baby
  • Are in chemotherapy
  • Wear tight styles like braids
  • Are in menopause
Hormones and diet play a critical role in hair loss and regrowth. 

As you age and especially during menopause, estrogen and progesterone levels fall, increasing the effects of the male hormones.
How Bad Is Your Hair Loss
Doctors use the Ludwig Scale to determine the severity of female pattern hair loss. 

Type 1 is the mildest stage where a new style can cover the thinning areas of the scalp. 

Type 2 is moderate. Women notice thinning hair and widening where they part their hair. 

Type 3 is severe, and the scalp is readily visible where the hair is sparse. 

Does your hair’s thickness fall under any of these categories? 

If so, we have a natural solution that regrows hair without drugs.
The World's First Natural Hair Growth System That Stimulates Follicles In 4 Different Ways!
The FullyVital Hair Growth System fights hair loss from the inside and the outside. 

It uses only 100% natural vegan ingredients. 

There are no prescription drugs or heavy-duty chemicals that can cause adverse side effects.
The Natural Approach to Fuller, Thicker Hair
Your hair follicles are like tree trunks.

They anchor the hair in place and need the proper nourishment at the roots to stay healthy and strong. 

When they don’t get what they need, the follicles become weak or die, and the hair falls out. 

The FullyVital Hair Growth System helps hair follicles in three ways.

  1. Rebalances Hormones 
  2. Reduces the Effects of Stress 
  3. Nourishes the Follicle
  4. Physically stimulates the follicles to wake them up
Let’s look at how these factors can help you grow new hair and prevent more from falling out.
See Our Amazing Results
In just two months of using the system, I have so many new baby hairs! Wow.
- Kristie, 34
I have tried every hair product out there, but I have never seen results like this. I love my new regrowth!
- Francine, 42
I am seeing new regrowth all over my temples. My hairline is coming back, yay!
- Minda, 48
Trusted By Thousands Of Women
Perfect For All Hair Types
Hormones And Your Hair
Estrogen is the main hormone in a woman’s body. 

It offsets the male hormone, testosterone, and other androgens. 

As estrogen levels fall due to aging, testosterone becomes more predominant, affecting the hair follicles and causing them to shed more. 

People naturally shed approximately 50 to 100 hairs a day. 

That’s no problem on a healthy scalp because new hairs are coming in all the time.

Unfortunately, hormone imbalances cause rapid hair loss and prevent new hair from replacing them.

That’s a recipe for a thinning scalp. 

The natural ingredients in FullyVital Hair Growth System  strengthen weak hair follicles.
DHT Is Likely Causing Your Hair Loss
DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) comes from the male hormone testosterone. 

Both men and women have DHT, but women make estrogen that offsets its male characteristics. 

High levels of DHT can shrink the hair follicles and shorten the hair growth cycle.

DHT contributes to thinner and more brittle hair that falls out faster. 

It also makes it harder for your follicles to grow new hairs. 

We’ve created a balanced blend of nutrients that combat thinning hair and reduce DHT's adverse effects.
We Stimulate Hair Follicles In 4 Different Ways
To manage your scalp and regrow hair, we use a combination of:
  1. Supplement to nourish the inside, 
  2. Serum to strengthen the follicles from the outside, 
  3. The physical stimulation of brushing to improve circulation,
  4. Rolling with micro-points to stimulate growth factors
It’s an unbeatable combination clinically proven to regrow luxurious hair.
Real Women Regrowing Hair
Kristin Weitzel (@warriorwomanmode)
"My hair is coming back baby, it's coming back!!! In just 4 months, my hair is growing back and it's getting healthier and better."
Ana Yazdi (@apotheca)
"My hair was falling out so much that I thought I was going to have to shave my head. FullyVital saved my hair and my confidence."
Lisa Williams, McKinney, TX
"I've been using the FullyVital system consistently for about five months and many of my balding areas are pretty filled in. 

FullyVital has made a huge difference to my hair and my confidence. I feel better about taking photographs and I don't hide my hair behind a hat."
Angie Reid, Sacramento, CA
I've tried Viviscal, Nutrafol, Cherry Bomb Vitamins, sprays, wearing hats. None of them worked for me. 

FullyVital product makes my thin, fine hair more shiny and gives it more body. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE FullyVital products."
Enhance Hair Supplement Nourishes Hair From Within
The big difference between FullyVital’s Enhance Hair Supplement and others is our unique DHT Balance & Flow Complex

Combining 12 plant extracts and a vitamin complex, the Enhance Hair 
Supplement helps reduce the effects of stress on the body and nourishes the hair follicle. 

Here is a quick overview of these vegan superfood ingredients.
Saw Palmetto: Native Americans of the Seminole tribe have used this southern plant for centuries. 

The Saw Palmetto balances excess male hormones and helps block DHT absorption. 

Blocking DHT helps your scalp grow more hair.
Pine Bark: Pine bark contains polyphenol and flavonoids that contribute to new hair growth by boosting your scalp's healthy circulation of nutrients. 

A Korean laboratory study concluded that pine bark extract significantly increased hair growth.
Green Tea: Green tea from the Camellia sinensis plant is rich in antioxidants, especially EGCG. 

Whether sipped like tea or taken as a supplement, green tea nourishes the hair follicles. 

EGCG slows DHT-induced hair loss by prolonging the androgen hair growth phase and slowing the hair shedding phase.
Curcumin: Turmeric extract fights hair thinning by reducing inflammation and blocking testosterone from converting into DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). 

DHT prevents nutrients from reaching the hair follicles, causing the hair to become malnourished.

Starved hair follicles lead to hair loss. Curcumin prevents the negative effects of DHT and fights hair thinning.
Ashwagandha: This powerful root is a staple in Ayurvedic medicine and goes by “Indian Ginseng” or “Indian Winter Cherry.” 

Along with helping to balance stress hormones, Ashwagandha supports longer hair growth cycles. 

It is called an adaptogen because it helps the body cope with stress and significantly prevents hair loss.
Pterostilbene: Pterostilbene is an antioxidant common in various plant-based foods, including blueberries, grapes, peanuts, and almonds. 

It is chemically like resveratrol, another natural compound from red grapes that acts like estrogen. 

It supports healthy cellular aging and balanced metabolism.
Ginkgo Biloba: An essential function of the Ginkgo Biloba is its ability to widen blood vessels. 

Better blood supply to the hair follicle means a better supply of nutrients and healthier hair.
Biotin: Vitamin B7, known as Biotin, is an essential nutrient in meat, eggs, fish, seeds, and nuts. 

Multiple clinical studies show that Biotin helps to improve hair regrowth.
Vitamin Complex: This supplement packs 7 vitamins, 3 minerals, and iodine to nourish hair follicles and produce thick, healthy hair.

Our vegan formula contains only natural ingredients. 

We purposely avoid the typical compounds found in hair remedies due to potential side effects
Next, Vegan Enhance Hair Serum Gets to the Root of the Problem
Each hair follicle is a complex system designed to grow healthy hair. 

Restoring weak or damaged hair follicles requires nourishment from the inside and the outside. 

We’ve developed a potent, natural serum that absorbs from the scalp to the follicle base. 

Some of the active ingredients include:
  1. Copper Tripeptides – This natural compound reduces inflammation and blocks DHT in the scalp, promoting better hair growth. 
  2. Capixyl – This biomimetic peptide is formulated from the extract of red clover and has been shown in clinical studies to enhance hair density by 46%. 
  3. Caffeine – A natural plant-based stimulant that supports better circulation and helps increase hair length.
  4. Hyaluronic Acid – Our bodies make this compound to help lubricate our joints, skin, and eyes. It also helps hydrate hair and the scalp for a healthier hair follicle.
  5. Melatonin – A powerful antioxidant that protects the hair follicle cells from damage and helps to regrow hair.
  6. Centella Asiatica Extract – A natural moisturizing Korean herb that is also an antioxidant that maintains the skin’s natural barrier.
Here is the complete list of ingredients:
Water (Aqua), Butylene Glycol, Ethoxydiglycol, Glycerin, Propanediol, Caffeine, Adenosine, Copper Tripeptide-1, Centella Asiatica Extract, Clover Flower Extract, Ginseng Root Extract, Panthenol, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-20, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3, Melatonin, Hyaluronic Acid, Methyl Nicotinate, Methyl Vanillate, Inulin, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, 1,2-Hexanediol, Dextran, Citric Acid
By combining the serum on the scalp with the advanced nutrition of the supplement, you will revitalize sleeping hair follicles, kick-starting new and vigorous hair growth.
See The Amazing Transformations!
I've been on the FullyVital system for 2 months, and my hair is filling in. I love my results!
- Dani, 49
I was really skeptical before I started, but I am blown away by my results!
- Meg, 28
I was so embarrassed by my thinning, but my hair is growing back thanks to FullyVital! Yay.
- Dia, 62
FullyVital Healthy Hair Transformations
Why We Don’t Add Chemicals or Drugs
There are three commonly prescribed drugs for hair loss that can be dangerous when misused. 

Here’s why we don’t use these chemical compounds: 

Finasteride - Created to treat prostate enlargement, Finasteride has been used for male and female pattern baldness. 

Doctors don’t give it to women of reproductive age due to the high possibility of birth defects. 

Finasteride can also cause lower sperm count, low libido, and erectile dysfunction in men. 

Minoxidil - Originally used to treat ulcers and high blood pressure, doctors regularly prescribe Minoxidil for hair loss. 

It is a vasodilator which means it improves blood circulation. 

Minoxidil can cause side effects such as excess hair on the face and body, swelling of joints, edema, and heart palpitations. 

Steroids such as Spironolactone – Some doctors prescribe spironolactone to treat fluid build-up, 
high blood pressure, and women with thinning hair. 

The unfortunate side effects include nausea, vomiting, rashes, congenital disabilities, and a decreased desire for sex.

That’s not a good trade for better hair! 

FullyVital’s natural ingredients will give your body what it needs to regrow hair without dangerous side effects.
FullyVital - Hair Regrowth Based on Science
Founder Faraz Khan has a top-rated podcast called Anti-Aging Hacks. 

He spent years traveling the world for a science-backed formula to grow thicker, fuller, and stronger hair without drugs. 

His journey led the team to many countries. 

He attended hair loss conferences and met with hair transplant surgeons, holistic practitioners, eastern medicine experts, and anti-aging doctors to find the perfect formulation. 
The team then created FullyVital with the input of several leading hair experts worldwide, including:

1. Dr. Alan Bauman -  hair transplant surgeon 
2. Dr. John Cole -  hair transplant surgeon 
3. Dr. Gorana Kuka -  stem cell and exosome expert 
4. Dr. Sharon Keene -  hair loss expert 
5. Dr. Dan McGrath -  hair specialist 
6. Dr. Thierry Hertoghe -  world-renowned hormone expert 

FullyVital created the FullyVital Hair Growth System based on years of experience and trials. 

The FullyVital team continues to innovate and evolve the product line to ensure safety and the highest performance.
More Women Share Their Feedback
9 Ways FullyVital Is The Best Hair Growth System
FullyVital Hair Growth System is safe, effective, and easy to use for everyone.
Getting the Most Out of the FullyVital Hair Growth System
The system has four parts: the Enhance Hair Growth Supplement, the Serum, the Roller, and Goldilocks Bamboo Hairbrush.
Step 1. Enhance Hair Growth Supplement 

This supplement packs powerful hair-growing natural superfoods like saw palmetto, ashwagandha, and biotin. 

These superfoods balance the hormones and stress to boost healthy hair. 

Take four capsules, two capsules twice a day with your meals. 

Note. If you take a blood-thinning medication, consult your doctor before using this. Do not use it if you are pregnant or nursing.
Step 2. Hair Growth Roller 

This hair stimulation roller has micro-points that re-activate the hair follicles to start growing new hair. 

It increases circulation but will not damage your scalp. 

Simply roll it over the thinning areas of your scalp. 

It has tiny points that stimulate the release of growth factors in the follicles for new hair growth. 

You only roll over the affected areas for a minute or two just twice a week.
Step 3. Goldilocks Thickening Hairbrush

Our 100% Natural bamboo hairbrush gently stimulates the scalp with every stroke. 

Brushing removes old strands and makes your scalp ready to grow new hair. 

The flexible bamboo bristles improve circulation and promote thicker hair but won’t pull out healthy hair.

The medium size brush comfortably fits any hand. Bamboo is sustainable, and it will last for years.

Use it to brush your scalp vigorously 100 to 200 strokes every evening, then apply the serum.
Step 4. Enhance Hair Growth Serum

Our unique non-greasy scalp Enhance serum contains potent plant-based ingredients proven to stop hair loss and stimulate thicker, fuller hair growth. 

You can feel good about using vegan and natural ingredients that increase ATP in cells. 

ATP provides energy to all living cells and helps stimulate hair growth in the follicles. 

To use it, fill the dropper and apply it directly to thinning areas of the scalp. 

Massage the serum into the scalp with your fingertips. The serum is a leave-in product. 

Apply it at night, and it will be dry by the morning. Go ahead and style your hair as usual. 

You don’t need to wash it out of your hair daily.

When you purchase the FullyVital Hair Growth System , you'll receive detailed instructions for maximum hair growth.
How To Use The FullyVital Hair Growth System
Take the hair supplements twice a day with meals.
Brush the scalp 100 times every evening & apply the serum. Leave-in overnight.
Use the Gold & Grow Roller 1-2 times per week in areas of thinning.
Get Fuller & Stronger Hair In 75 Days Or Your Money Back
You get everything you need to rebuild a beautiful head of hair. 
The FullyVital Hair Growth System contains: 
  1. The Enhance Hair Growth Supplement ($69 Value) – 120 capsules for a 30-day supply. 
  2. The Enhance Hair Growth Serum ($69 Value) – 1.7-ounce bottle is enough for 30 treatments. 
  3. The Hair Growth Roller ($49 Value) – Stimulates the follicles to grow new hair. 
  4. The Bamboo Goldilocks Thickening Hairbrush ($10 Value) – For scalp stimulation and thicker hair.
Our system is safe for everyday use because there are no drugs or hormones to cause side effects. 

All our products and ingredients are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 

Using our hair growth system, you can expect to see thicker, fuller hair in as little as 60 days. 

Regular Price: $206  

Special Sale: $118

Get a FREE hair consultation with our experts after your purchase

Ships in 1 business day from Dallas.
Life-Changing Results (If You Use It)
Lisa found out about FullyVital through a friend and ordered her FullyVital Hair Growth System that day. 

Within two months, she looked in the mirror and discovered healthy new hairs sprouting in the usual thin spots,
especially where she parts her hair. 

With new hair growth, there has been a positive change in Lisa's attitude. 

She is happier, and her confidence has returned! 

Co-workers have noticed that she is smiling more and looking people in the eye when she speaks. 

Even her husband noticed the difference and said she looked younger. 

You can have great results like Lisa. 

The start of a full head of hair is only a few weeks away, but you must act now.
Flip Your Hair Over your Shoulder...Again!
How long have you suffered the embarrassment of thinning hair? 

Aren’t you tired of hiding? 

It’s time for you to break out of the rut and restore your beautiful hair. 

The FullyVital Hair Growth System will help you get your hair back. 

Imagine how good you’ll feel going out with friends again without feeling self-conscious. 

You can stop covering your head with a scarf, hat, or wig. 

Soon, you’ll be able to flip your thick hair over your shoulder. 

You’ll be able to relax in front of the mirror, brushing your hair and not worry if it’s falling out anymore. 

Your newfound confidence can help propel your career to another level because you are no longer afraid to get out front and speak up.
Your Luxurious New Hair is Only a Click Away!
FullyVital is a natural hair growth solution that works with your body. 

New hair growth will not happen overnight, so you need to start now. 

Most customers start seeing positive results within 60 days. 

Now is the perfect time to start regrowing a luxurious head of hair. 

Start nourishing your scalp and providing it with the natural ingredients it needs to begin growing thick, beautiful hair again. 

When you order today, you’ll receive a $88 new customer discount plus the entire system, which includes: 

Enhance Supplement – a 30-day supply
Enhance Serum – a 30-day supply
Bamboo Goldilocks Hairbrush
Stainless-Steel Micro-point Roller

You get everything to start growing new hair for just $118.

Click the link below to order risk-free!
Self-Confidence Breeds Success
FullyVital has transformed hundreds of women’s lives. 

They’ve gone from hiding themselves to blossoming into self-confident moms, bosses, team members, and partners. 

The FullyVital Hair Growth System will stimulate new growth in your scalp. 

You’re just 60 days away from seeing a dramatic change in your hair… and attitude. 

It’s time to shine again and be the person you want to be. 

Order the complete system today!

Grow back that luxurious mane you used to have and start turning heads again!
Our No Risk, 180-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Hair growth takes time. 

Most of our customers are thrilled as they begin to see new hair growth in 75 days, but you have a full four months to see it work for you. 

If you are not satisfied, please contact customer service for a full refund within 120-days of your purchase. 

If you follow the directions, you should see new hairs filling in the thin spots in 75 days. 

Other companies offer you just a 30-day return policy. Need we say more 😉?
You'll Be Growing New Hair Soon
Please fill in your information so we can ship your FullyVital Hair Growth System right away!
Remember, there is NO RISK because you have a 180-day money back guarantee .
If you need help, call us at (866) 860-2082.
Frequently Asked Questions
What Makes FullyVital different from other hair loss products?
First, we obsess over your hair growth results, and it’s our #1 goal. 

Second, we have personally experienced hair loss. We know the anxiety and shame of this problem. 

Third, we spent many years traveling the world to find the most effective natural solutions to regrow hair… and we found them! 

Fourth, we are completely transparent about who we are and our products. 

With other remedies, you have no idea who sells these products, how they make them, or if they really work. 

We also don’t use any drugs or harsh chemicals to get your hair growing again.
How long until I see visible results?
Our hair FullyVital Hair Growth System will show visible results starting in 60 days!
How can I measure and track my hair regrowth results?
Before and after pictures are the best way to keep track. 

Start by taking pictures from different angles of your hair before beginning with our system. 

Then take new pictures every 30 days using the same lighting and exact angles to see the progress. 

Many of our customers see improvements starting in 60 days.
Should I use the system on wet or dry hair?
For best results, use the system with dry hair. You don’t want to pull on your hair when it is wet because the hair follicle expands when wet and can be damaged quite easily. Use the Bamboo Goldilocks brush and Enhance Hair Serum on dry hair, but it’s OK to use the roller on damp hair.
Is there a way to ensure fast results?
The most important tip is to stay consistent if you want fast results. You only need 3 to 5 minutes per day. Use the system daily to get the hair you will love
Are your products natural?
Yes, every ingredient is 100% natural and vegan approved. Even the Goldilocks hairbrush is natural bamboo, without any plastic.
How long do I leave the Enhance Serum on my scalp?
We recommend applying it in the evening and leaving it in overnight. 

It counteracts the hormones and stressors. Consistency is crucial.

The Enhance Serum is 100% natural, vegan, and contains no chemicals, drugs, or hormones. 

Best of all, it dries off completely by the morning and leaves no residue.
I am afraid to brush my scalp because more hair will fall out?
We understand your fear, but the hair coming out disconnected with the follicles 2 to 3 months ago. This is how the hair cycle works. 

These are old, disconnected hairs leaving your scalp. With the FullyVital Hair Growth System, new hair will grow out healthier and thicker than before. 
How do I use the roller?
It’s best to remove the roller from its case and submerge it into 70% - 90% alcohol for 5 minutes to sanitize it. To use the roller, apply medium pressure and roll it 8 times back and forth in multiple directions over the thin spots.
How often should I use the roller? And for how long?
For best results, use the roller twice weekly to regrow hair fast. After three months, you can reduce it to once per week, depending on your progress. 

If you have made significant progress, you can use the roller once every two weeks, then once a month
What is the roller made of?
Unlike other companies that make their rollers from cheap plastic materials, our roller is solid stainless steel. 

Our micro-points are surgical-grade stainless steel and individually placed on each roller. Each one undergoes a manual inspection under a microscope to ensure quality
What Women Are Saying
P.S. Don’t Sacrifice Your Looks or Well-Being Any Longer
The clock is ticking on your hair, self-esteem, and health. 

If you feel lost and avoid people because of your hair, isn’t it time to turn things around? 

Remember what you were like when you had a full head of hair?

You were strong, had a sense of belonging, and had no problem in social or business settings. 

Let’s get you back into life again. 

Order the FullyVital Hair Growth System today. 

You get a $88 new customer discount and an extended 180-day money-back guarantee. 

Rejuvenate your hair, confidence, social life, and relationships. 

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Ships in 1 business day from Dallas.
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* The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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